Walmart Employee Saves Kidnapping Victim After She Slips Her A Note

walmartbentonvilleImagine you’re just working at a Walmart in the retailer’s Arkansas hometown when a customer hands you a note that she’s been kidnapped by two National Guard members. Your day suddenly got a lot more interesting. reports that a woman from Dallas was in the ladies room of a Bentonville, AR, Walmart last Saturday when she handed a store employee a napkin containing a handwritten plea for help.

The store contacted the police, who found the woman still hiding in the store bathroom.

She said she’d been kidnapped from her home in Dallas by an ex-boyfriend and a friend of his from the National Guard, who had initially identified himself as an FBI agent.

After allegedly assaulting her, she claims the ex gave her the choice of coming with him back to Arkansas or dying. So she started packing her bags. According to the woman, she was forced to leave her roommate a note saying she’d gone to China to se a sick family member, but she also left a “Call 911” note on the fridge.

When the trio ate at a restaurant in Dallas, she left another note for anyone who might find it, using a makeup pen to write on a napkin.

She tried again at a gas station in Oklahoma, leaving a note with her ex’s license plate number. 5news says that this attempt did result in a call to authorities.

But it was the Walmart note that finally led to her rescue and to the arrest of her alleged kidnappers.

The ex and his pal were located and arrested two days later on suspicion of aggravated kidnapping, felony kidnapping, intimidating a witness and coercion. The friend faces the added charge of conspiracy to commit murder.

The woman says she was kidnapped to stop her from testifying against him for previous threatening actions.

“They were going to keep her until the court proceedings were over,” reads the police affidavit.

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