Threatening To Blow Up Store With 3 Hydrogen Bombs Is A Tip-Off You Might Be Bluffing

cvsexplodeWe’ve told you before about the increasing number of morons who attempt to hold up retail stores by threatening to blow the place up if their demands for a few hundred dollars in prepaid debit cards isn’t met. It’s already a dubious ultimatum that is just asking to be called out as bogus, so escalating it by, I dunno, saying you have multiple hydrogen bombs at the ready, isn’t going to help make your case.

And yet the Times of Trenton reports that a man called in a threat to a CVS store in Princeton, demanding $5,000 in prepaid cash cards or he’d detonate three (3) hydrogen bombs.

If he’d said grenades, or pipe bombs, or even something like dynamite or C4, maybe it would have been more believable. But even then, that’s a lot of work for a mere $5,000; and not even in bills. The threat of multiple hydrogen bombs should at least merit the a 5-figure payday, right?

And so the Princeton police called his bluff, telling him over the phone that he wouldn’t be getting the Green Dot prepaid card he was demanding. And rather than level the Garden State’s capital city with the bombs he claimed to have planted, the caller simply said “OK” and hung up.

We have obtained footage of Princeton from Wednesday evening:

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