Terrible Person Steals Jar Of Donations For The Jimmy Fund

Stealing a tip jar is pretty low, but do you know what’s even lower? Stealing a donation jar. Possibly even lower than that is stealing a donation jar for children. Children with cancer. Yet someone in Massachusetts did just that, stealing a jar of donations for the Jimmy Fund from a bar.

The good news is that the suspect has been found. After his picture was circulated to local police officers, one recognized him after he was arrested for allegedly stealing an iPhone from a bar patron.

Police say that the jar had about $250 at the time of the theft. The Irish pub had been raising money for the pediatric cancer research charity after an employee’s niece was treated for neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that usually occurs in young children.

Somerville police: Arlington man arrested after stealing Jimmy Fund jar from Bull McCabe’s [Wicked Local]

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