Adorable Baby Moose Wanders Into Colorado Hotel Lobby, Is Adorable

Sometimes you won’t even know that you need to see an adorable baby moose chilling in a hotel lobby, and then you see one and it’s just such an adorable relief. Don’t know what I mean? You are clearly in need of a baby moose.

A Vail, CO hotel had a special visitor yesterday, when a moose calf wandered into its lobby and didn’t know how to get back out again, reports

Aptly enough, the hotel has the word “Antlers” right in its name, which perhaps is some kind of siren song for any antlered animals.

Wildlife officials were able to catch up with the little guy as he pranced around the hotel and tranquilized it. He’s now heading for Fort Collins for care at a facility there.

Here’s the link to one witness’ cellphone footage of our little buddy scampering and frisking around and proclaiming his/her candidacy for representation in the Annals Of Supreme Cuteness. I’d embed it but it autoplays, and we’ve abolished autoplay in these parts.

WATCH: Baby moose visits Vail hotel []

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  1. C0Y0TY says:

    That’s an odd-looking “baby mouse”.

  2. Mokona512 says:

    That was mean to do to the moose. How would they feel if when going to a hotel, the staff called the police on them for no reason?

  3. SingleMaltGeek says:

    Just FYI, according to the source the baby moose got out of the lobby on its own, but had to be tranquilized and taken to a care facility afterwards because it was too comfortable with people and its mother wasn’t around.