16 Amusement Park Employees Arrested For Brawl During Weekend Shutdown

cedarpointarrestsWhat happens when a big amusement park unexpectedly has to shut down for the weekend? Maybe it births some kind of cabin fever, because 16 Cedar Point employees have been accused of brawling over the weekend, while the park was closed due to a water main break on Saturday.

Sandusky police responded to another call on the scene, a park employee housing complex, early Sunday morning, and say they found a large fight going on in a recreation area, reports The Detroit Free Press.

A total of 16 Cedar point employees were arrested for disorderly conduct and aggravated rioting, after police reportedly struggled with people on the scene allegedly doing stuff like pushing, swinging at the cops and other behavior. One man was reportedly Tasered three times before he would comply with officers’ orders.

So basically, it was a brawl.

The park reopened on Monday morning, which might’ve been a rough morning if any of those workers were on the schedule, one might think. But they weren’t, because it seems they were fired.

A Cedar Point spokesperson tells Consumerist:

“Cedar Point police arrested several off-duty employees as the result of an incident that took place early Sunday morning outside an employee dormitory complex. This is a rare incident and none of those involved are still employed at Cedar Point. We have thousands of employees who do a great job at Cedar Point each year.”

13 Cedar Point workers from Michigan arrested after brawl [The Detroit Free Press]

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