Teacher Accused Of Kidnapping Students, Forcing Them To Go To Jack In The Box

It’s one thing to ask someone for a ride to your favorite feeding spot, but when you’re a high school teacher you shouldn’t be forcing your students to ferry you to your fast food dinner. Authorities in a California town have accused a teacher of kidnapping three students and making them drive him to Jack in the Box.

Officials say that three 17-year-olds were driving in Altadena when they stopped to greet their teacher, who they’d spotted standing on a sidewalk.

They said hello and noticed that their teacher appeared to be a bit drunk, police said.

“The teacher then asked for a ride, to which the driver agreed,” according to a news release cited by KTLA.com. “During the ride, a conversation with the teacher caused the driver to become worried and therefore pull over.”

But when the students got out of the car, the teacher allegedly said he wanted to go to Jack in the Box and “ordered the juveniles back into the car.”

“Fearing for their well-being, the juveniles re-entered the car.”

That’s when the suspect pulled out a knife, the Sheriff’s Department said.

A student called 9-1-1 from the car, and after the teacher saw a police helicopter overhead, he allegedly ordered the driver to stop driving, got out and fled.

He was later arrested for kidnapping, false imprisonment and criminal threats. And he never got his Jack in the Box fix.

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