Do You Have Questions Only A Florist Can Answer?

pretty pleaseA few weeks ago, we shared with you some insider tips from a former florist who explained that the real arrangements we receive look meager compared to website photos because the arrangements in photos are designed for two-dimensional photographs. We wondered whether our readers had other questions about the flower business that she could answer, and she has agreed to answer your questions.

Here’s a bit more about my background. I worked as a floral designer for roughly 8 years, and still moonlight occasionally during the big holidays. Floral designing covers basically all the stuff that happens in a flower shop – creating arrangements, designing for large events like weddings and funerals, purchasing and processing product from growers, basic indoor plant care, merchandising and money handling, etc.

Two words that still strike fear in my heart: prom season.

I thought those words struck fear in the hearts of people outside the flower industry, too.

S. has generally worked in larger shops with ten or more employees, as opposed to the tiny shops you might be picturing.

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