It’ll Only Cost You $20,000 To Get Horrifically Murdered In An Upcoming ‘Game Of Thrones’ Book

It's your buddy, George.

It’s your buddy, George.

Oh my gosh did you guys see that one episode of Game of Thrones where [spoiler alert] someone got horrifically and terrifically and bloodily killed? Looks like so much fun, right? Author George R.R. Martin is still busy writing the final installments of the GOT series, and for a mere $20,000, you can star as a character in one of those novels and get murdered in the style to which we’ve been accustomed.

It’s all for a good cause, or causes, rather, as Martin is offering up that prize in exchange for donations to two Santa Fe-based organizations, The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary (but are they dire wolves?!?!? No. Sigh) and The Food Depot.

If you spend that big money to get your fictional self murdered, Martin will let you name your character, choose what he or she does, and rest assured that your character will “certainly meet a grisly death.”

And if you want to touch Martin’s crowning glory, $7,500 will get you “one of George’s old greek sailor caps (well worn!).”

Anyone who donates is also entered into a contest with the big prize of flying out to Santa Fe with a friend to spend the day at the wolf sanctuary with none other than Martin as a companion.

(H/T to Business Insider)

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