Man Admits He Hid Cameras In Ladies’ Restroom Stalls At Multiple Texas Restaurants

(NBC 5)

(NBC 5)

Just when we’re feeling lulled into a sense of security at the fact that we haven’t had to report on any peeping toms lately, a guy in Texas has admitted that he’s been hiding cameras in the stalls of women’s restrooms in various restaurants around town.

Keep an eye on those door hooks and electrical outlets, ladies, because NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports that those are the kinds of places he’s been hiding cameras around Irving, Texas.

The man had admitted to hiding cameras in several locations, according to a search warrant affidavit, including at two restaurants where the devices were disguised as door hooks.

A customer using the restroom hung her purse from one of those hooks, and when it fell a store employee checked it out and found the camera inside.

The 64-year-old man was arrested this week, and admitted that he’d been fashioning his remote peepers to look like everyday objects. One device was found to have 10 videos, including a bit that allegedly shows the suspect leaving the bathroom.

And now I am going to thoroughly examine every single door hook and outlet I see. It’s either that or bring a big blanket to drape over myself in public bathrooms.

More Hidden Cameras Found in North Texas Restaurants [NBC 5]

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