Stupid Shipping Gang Will Slam Your Cupboard Doors

boxIt’s better for an online retailer to send an item packaged incorrectly than to not send it at all, or to wait around for the perfect box or envelope to show up. Right? That’s the founding principle behind the Stupid Shipping Gang, who sent reader Veganman a box of tiny door bumpers that could have fit in an un-padded manila envelope.

The Stupid Shipping Gang, as you may remember, are the people who work inside fulfillment warehouses and send comically oversized boxes to unwitting customers.

Veganman, a Consumerist reader who may or may not be a superhero, purchased on Amazon some tiny plastic sticky door bumpers. We mean really tiny: they’re as thin as a few sheets of paper and 5/16 of an inch around. Naturally, these items that are meant to protect the shelf and cabinet from each other needed protecting from the mail system.



“I guess they were out of envelopes that day,” concludes Veganman. “It could have shipped in a plain envelope just as well. This is laughably inefficient.” Yes, it is.

You can leave Amazon feedback on the packages of questionable packaging that they deliver to you, but they’ve been gathering data for some time and don’t seem to have improved.

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