Mexican Restaurant’s Alcohol Menu Divided By Gender Because Obviously Ladies Like Weak, Sweet Drinks

Not drinks from the restaurant. Just sort of ladylike? (Karen_Chappell)

Not drinks from the restaurant. Just sort of ladylike? (Karen_Chappell)

While there’s no reason you can’t order whatever you want off a given menu — unless you are trying to order a kids’ meal and aren’t an actual child, in which case you could run into some issues — one Brooklyn Mexican restaurant has a helpful guide for those who might not know which part of the menu you should be looking at. Namely, there are the drink categories “For Everyone,” “For Kids,” “For Men” and “For Ladies.”

Yes, a cocktail menu organized by gender, as DNAInfo reports (h/t Eater), because as everyone wearing their sarcasm hat knows, women don’t like overly boozy drinks. Also, sweet stuff!

Ladies, you’ll pay less for your “light alcohol” drinks with wine and Alize (16-20% alcohol, respectively) at $7 a pop, while those hard-swilling menfolk will have to reach deep and plunk down $10 for their Tequilla Cadillacs with 80 proof Grand Marnier.

Now before everyone gets totally cranky about what would appear to be a blatant stereotype (wait — is it too late for that?), the manager says it’s just supposed to be funny.

“The idea was to make people laugh,” he explained. “People get excited about the menu and have fun with it.”

But the bartender adds that the inspiration for the categories comes from his experience with the fairer sex, who are incredibly dainty and get all kinds of giggly after even just a sip of that devil water, I do declare.

Where was I? Yes, the bartender: “A lot of times ladies don’t like to have the strong stuff so this menu is for them,” he said. “The drinks for women are sweeter with less alcohol.”

Apparently your gender won’t dictate whether or not you like mojitos and Mai Tais, because those have a spot in the “For Everyone.”

But again, “Anyone can order anything,” the bartender explained. Thank goodness.

Is it hot in here or is my sarcasm hat just a bit too thick for this warm June weather we’ve been having?

Brooklyn Restaurant Has Separate, Less Boozy Drinks Menu ‘For Ladies’ [DNAInfo]

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