There’s Only So Much One Can Do To Sexy Up Google Glass

dvf1In addition to the steep price tag, one of the things keeping some folks from checking out Google Glass is that the existing frames for the device are just too… well, let’s politely call them bland. In an attempt to add some level of style to the headgear, Google has teamed up with the folks at Diane von Furstenberg for some frames that may appeal to a wider audience, but really aren’t that different from what’s available.

When it officially launches tomorrow, the DVF | Made for Glass collection will add a total of five new frames and eight new shades to the currently limited options for Glass.

But if you’re expecting seamless integration of the Glass hardware into sleek frames, don’t look here. The DVF frames are not that wildly different from the ones Google began offering earlier this year. There are new colors and slight variations, but Glass wearers still basically have only a handful of options — the bare-bones frames with add-on shades, a few horn-rimmed frames, and ones that look like sunglasses you could get at any drugstore.

The elephant in the room is still the sizable piece of computer attached to the Glass frames. No matter what Glass frames or shades look like, the Glass itself still looks bulky and out of place.

“There’s only so much Google can do to dress up (or hide) the chunky metal object protruding off of a Glass wearer’s face,” writes Fast Company’s Rebecca Greenfield, who says that the DVF designs don’t “push the needle too much further” beyond the options Glass users already have.


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