Postal Carrier Accused Of Stealing 20,000 Pieces Of Mail, Collecting Credit Cards And Stacks Of DVDs

We’ve heard of mail carriers ditching multiple bags of mail before, but in most of those cases it seemed like the postal worker just didn’t feel like delivering it. But federal authorities say an almost 20-year veteran of the U.S. Postal Service had personal gain in mind when he allegedly stole 20,000 pieces of mail from customers.

Among the items the man is accused of pilfering: Stacks of Netflix DVDs (people still have DVDs delivered?), checks, Mother’s Day cards, money orders, jewelry, passports, credit cards and prescription medication, reports the Baltimore Sun. Also, somehow, furniture allegedly pilfered from the USPS.

He’s been charged with one count each of mail theft and delaying the mail after an investigation by U.S. Inspector General’s office that started in February.

It’s unclear when the alleged mail looting started, but investigators say they received a tip that the man was stealing bagfuls of mail and other items that didn’t belong to him.

Authorities got a search warrant in March and say they found a horde of boosted items sitting in postal service tubs, including a $100 bag of coins from the U.S. mint and three stools bearing the label “Property of USPS.”

Catonsville postman accused in theft of 20K pieces of mail [Baltimore Sun]

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  1. SirJanes says:

    “Stacks of Netflix DVDs (people still have DVDs delivered?), … ” Yes. I estimate that there are an more than, probably many more than 8000 at Netflix alone that will never be streaming and I am only looking at foreign language disks.

  2. Seli says:

    Stacks of Netflix DVDs (people still have DVDs delivered?)

    New releases at Blu-Ray quality aren’t available streaming. I don’t go to the movies anymore, I just have a Netflix DVD subscription.

  3. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    the furniture sounded more impressive until i clicked through and it was stools. not too large, sort of portable if you are already smuggling sacks of mail

    “(people still have DVDs delivered?)”
    sadly, many of the delightful offerings from netflix are available only on disc, not streaming. i’ve been watching the gummi bears via netflix disc lately, since it falls into this category. i’d be very sad if my postal carrier absconded with one of the discs in the set. as a kid it seems i saw about ten of the total episodes, some of them several times*. it’s important that i get my netflix discs to fill the gaping void in my childhood cartoon experience

    plus, in light of the recent reading rainbow kickstarter, i was curious and checked netflix – reading rainbow “best of” dvds are available, but not streaming.

    *also, i have only ever seen three episodes of darkwing duck. pretty sure i saw “life, the negaverse and everything” over a dozen times.

  4. Mokona512 says:

    Here in NY, the USPS workers tend to steal the smaller items, and especially free samples. I rarely ever get the ones in a flashy label detailing the exact item, and at the laundromat you will sometimes see a USPs worker with a ton of detergent samples, many that were suppose to go to different addresses.

    It is annoying and hard to prove since when you request a free sample, you will often not get any tracking information.

    I just wish companies were more willing to track down fradulant purchases on gift cards. A while back I applied for a mail-in rebate and the company provided a visa gift card as payment. when the rebate was approved and I never got the card, I contacted them about ti and there was nothing they could do (they could not file for a lost card either because that takes money from the card to cover a replacement and the money had already been spent)

    This issue used to be very common, when I used to use sites like cashlagoon and other survey sites (no longer active), they ended up sending gift cards in weird boxes e.g., fake junk mail, or DVD cases talking about random crap, and their reason was because a good portion of the gift cards they mailed out, got stolen by the postal workers, and it is nearly impossible to track.

    This is nothing new, it just seems that that USPS worker got overzealous about stealing and stole too much in one go.