Once Upon The ’80s, Someone Really Approved This Ad

touch-someoneEvery advertisement tells a story. The story that this advertisement tells is that ladies can’t even exercise without yapping on the phone, and that FaceTime was invented sometime before 1984.

“Let’s show two women connecting over the phone over an undetermined distance,” someone must have said. “We want people to make long-distance phone calls while they do other things, so maybe show them in skintight leotard and tights ensembles, in a yoga pose that pulls all focus to their crotches.”

(Thanks to Flickr pool member SA_Steve for bringing this ad to our attention.)

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  1. T says:

    Hmm… an ad that says to “touch someone” with an image focusing on a woman’s crotch. Someone was probably trying to bank on Misattribution of Arousal. Wikipedia has a short and interesting entry which describes an experiment two researchers conducted in 1974. From the research paper:

    “Male passersby were contacted either on a fear-arousing suspension bridge or a non-fear-arousing bridge by an attractive female interviewer who asked them to fill out questionnaires containing Thematic Apperception Test pictures. Sexual content of stories written by subjects on the fear-arousing bridge and tendency of these subjects to attempt postexperimental contact with the interviewer were both significantly greater.”

    Essentially: If you can entice a reaction from someone while introducing an unrelated subject, that person might misattribute that reaction as a result of the unrelated subject.