Car Recallapalooza Continues As Ford Recalls 1.39 Million Vehicles

When we saw that Ford announced a recall of 1.39 million cars and sport-utility vehicles, we had to check back in the archives. Hadn’t we just posted about a Ford recall? Yes, it was only earlier this month that 692,000 vehicles were recalled because their airbags might not deploy. This latest batch mainly involves power steering failure in SUVs.

Ford reports that that they know of fifteen crashes that may be the result of loss of power steering in Explorer SUVs. According to the company, no one sustained serious injuries in any of these crashes, which all occurred at low speeds.

Here are the Ford vehicles recalled:

Ford Explorer, model years 2011 to 2013 – 195,527 vehicles recalled for power steering issues

Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner, model years 2008 to 2011 – 915,216 vehicles recalled for power steering issues

Taurus, model years 2010 to 2014 – about 200,000 vehicles recalled for a mysterious “corrosion issue”

Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan and Lincoln Zephyr and MKZ, model years 2006 to 2011 – 82,576 vehicles recalled for floor mats that may interfere with the accelerator

If you’re the original owner and your information is on file with Ford, you should receive a notification about the recall: if not, and if your car is one of the model years listed, give your friendly local Ford dealer a call.

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