Boston Airport Officials: Plane Engulfed In Flames Was Just Another Training Exercise

(Instagram: chefaz)

(Instagram: chefaz)

The sight of a plane engulfed in flames on the runway of a major international airport would cause anyone to have a bit of a fright, which is why Logan Airport officials have been busy today explaining to worried social media users that the smoky scene was just part of a training exercise… again.

Images of the fiery plane taken by the Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern circulated on Twitter this morning, reports, but it was just a Massport training exercise.

The Massachusetts Port Authority confirmed that it conducted a training exercise at the airport this morning, explaining that the plane wasn’t actually on the tarmac at the time, though it was visible to witnesses from where it was sitting.

“The fire is not on the tarmac it’s on the airfield. This is something we do 3-4 times a week for training. It’s really not such a big deal,” a spokesmn said.

It’s the second such exercise to spook onlookers in the last few months at the airport, following another smoking fire drill incident on Sept. 11, 2013 that was called “just dumb” by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Plane Engulfed in Flames at Logan Airport Turns Out to be Another Training Exercise []

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