Spotify Hacked; Asking Android Users To Upgrade

spotifysiteWelcome back from the holiday. What better way to celebrate that morning-after feeling with news that the popular music streaming service Spotify has been hacked and now you have to change your password and/or upgrade your app?

“We’ve become aware of some unauthorized access to our systems and internal company data and we wanted to let you know the steps we’re taking in response,” writes the company’s CTO in a blog post. “As soon as we were aware of this issue we immediately launched an investigation.”

He says that the internal investigation only turned up evidence of a single compromised account “and this did not include any password, financial or payment information…. we are not aware of any increased risk to users as a result of this incident.”

In what it describes as a precautionary measure, Spotify will contact specific users and ask them to re-enter their usernames and passwords.

It is also going to be pushing out an upgrade for Android users “over the next few days.” In this FAQ, Spotify says it has no evidence that iOS or Windows Phone users were affected.

Spotify does not recommend installing Android applications from anywhere other than Google Play, the Amazon Appstore or via the Spotify mobile site.

The upgraded version of the app will require the user to re-download any offline playlists they might have.

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