Another Passenger Pees On Another Canadian Flight, Wants Everyone To Know

Last week, we shared with you the story of a man who learned that the Air Canada turboprop plane he was on had no restroom facilities only after boarding for the three-hour flight. Now another passenger has gone public and admitted doing the same. Not because she wants to brag, but because she wants to highlight the lack of working facilities in small airports on Canada’s east Coast.

She shared with the CBC her bladder’s ordeal during a trip earlier this week. While still on the ground, she learned that the bathroom was out of order in the airport. Sigh. She says that she went out back and relieved herself outdoors before takeoff. That isn’t an option in the air, though, and when her plane had to circle around to a different airport due to conditions on the ground, she had to break out a cup from ubiquitous coffee shop Tim Hortons.

While the man-urinates-in-bag story got a lot of media attention, people who travel often in Labrador are glad that it attracted attention to their plight. Passengers end up using bags, cups, and snow banks because they don’t have a choice. The facilities at many small and remote airports simply don’t work. Sure, it’s May now, but this is Canada. It gets cold, and people have to fly then too.

“This winter we’ve had cases of 40, 45 C below where passengers have to duck out behind the building to use the bathroom [outside],” a member of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland and Labrador told the CBC. He promised to bring it up in a legislative meeting.

Tim Hortons cup used as toilet on Labrador flight [CBC] (Thanks, Karen!)

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