Police Seek Man Who Smacked Ice Cream Truck Driver With Fudge Bar

Perhaps kicking off the summer in his own way, a man in South Carolina reportedly hit an ice cream vendor with a piece of his own merchandise. The suspect’s daughter was the customer, but her father believed that the driver hadn’t given the girl all of her change. He took up her cause, struck the driver with the ice cream, and drove off.

The suspect and his child drove off in a white truck that was not an ice cream truck. Police on the scene reported that the driver had a red mark on his arm in the spot where the bar had hit him.

Police did not specify whether the man took the fudge bar with him. Was it broken? Would he have allowed his daughter to eat it after this incident? We have so many questions that may never be answered.

Rock Hill Police Seek Man Who Used Fudge Bar In Attack [CBS Charlotte]

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