McDonald’s Adding Go-Gurt Option To Happy Meals

In an effort to further change its image, McDonald’s announced today that it will soon be adding a yogurt option to its kids meals in the form of Yoplait’s kid-friendly Go-Gurt. Whether or not this is actually a healthier choice all depends on what you substitute the yogurt for.

McDonald’s Happy Meals currently include a packet of apple slices and a kids-size thing of french fries. But according to the Chicago Tribune, the Go-Gurt will be offered as a substitute for either one of these items.

It looks like the Go-Gurt packages being made for McDonald’s will be slightly smaller than the ones bought at stores, as they only contain 50 calories; 10 fewer than the standard product.

So if you’re opting for the 50-calorie Go-Gurt to replace the fries, you’re shaving off 50 calories, along with around 5g of fat, along with some carbs and sodium. But if you’re replacing the apple slices with the brand-name yogurt-in-a-tube, you’re adding 35 calories, along with a few carbs and sodium.

Of course, none of that counts the McNugget or three that your youngster will pilfer (or at least try to pilfer) from the trays of his/her older dining partners.

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  1. Lenne says:

    Most of Yoplait’s products have inappropriate sweeteners in them such as HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP and/or some type of artificial sweeter. I always get off/store brand for this very reason, as they have the good sense to use cane sugar. My point is that although Yoghurt can be a very healthful compliment to any meal, Yoplait ruins it by adding trash like HFCS instead of plain sugar. Hell, even plain ol corn syrup would be better in comparison. If you are so health conscious to eat Yoghurt in the first place, it would be logical to limit your HFCS intake as much as possible. On the other hand, if you are feeding your children unhealthy food such as McDonald’s, I doubt that HFCS limitation is in the bounds of your daily dietary choices…

  2. SuperSpeedBump says:

    Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!

    • CommonC3nts says:

      The big problem is the “fat free” movement.
      They cut out all the harmless fat from foods and replaced it with carbs/hfcs/sugars.
      It is the carbs/hfcs/sugars that make our bodies become fat producing machines.
      If you cut out the carbs/sugars/hfcs then you can cut body fat fast.
      Even things like pastas, breads, rice are viewed as healthy, but in fact they are loaded with the carbs that will allow your body to easily make fat.
      Carbo loading is what marathon runners need to do, not normal inactive people.

      If mcdonalds wants to make a difference the should have happy means of something like burger bites (the meat with no bun) and either raw or steamed vegetables. It would be food that would actually cause kids to lose body fat or maintain a healthy weight.

  3. CzarChasm says:

    I’m not sure McDonalds is really doing itself any favors here. I believe there are really two types of restaurant consumers, the ones that are health conscious, and therefore wouldn’t eat at McDonalds, and those that are not. Now I know there could be a little bleed-over between those two groups but I doubt adding Go-Gurt is going to start anyone rethinking their meal choices.

    • MarthaGaill says:

      It’s a good middle of the road choice for kids who won’t eat cut fruit and whose parents want to cut their junk food intake. Why not replace the fries with yogurt?