Frozen Hawaiian Pizzas Still Leave Customers Sad, Pineapple-less

Either makers of frozen pizzas should just give up on the whole concept of “toppings,” or we consumers need to seriously cut back on our expectations. Maybe they should at least give up on the idea of making Hawaiian pizzas topped with ham and pineapple. After multiple readers sent us sad comparisons of Celeste’s version of the pizza, it turns out Red Baron doesn’t do such a good job, either.


Reader Isaac sent us this photo of his pizza, which he thought had insufficient pineapple. “There were 9 full size squares of pineapple and 4 more partial chunks for the whole pizza,” he explained. “Compared to 7 full size pineapple squares per piece as shown on the box. While the pizza is not devoid of pineapple, it’s safe to say it’s missing expected pineapple.” The ham wasn’t quite as lacking, but not plentiful, either.

Yes, “don’t expect frozen food to look exactly like the box” is a fair life lesson. Isaac got some coupons for replacement pizzas, which may have been just as disappointing.

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