Adventures In Babysitting: Which Cities Have The Highest-Paid Babysitters?

babysitterkidBack in the day, you could hire the best babysitter on the block for $5 per hour, with $1 added for each kid. That was enough to pay for whatever high schoolers need to pay for, but nowadays the top babysitters are raking in the big bucks.

Babysitting site UrbanSitter has a new report based on a survey of about 7,500 families across the country to calculate the average hourly rates for all those child caretakers — nannies, mother’s helpers and of course, babysitters.

And it should come as no surprise that the Land of Everything Is Expensive, also known as New York City, has the highest going rate for babysitters, at an average of $15.34 for one child. That’s compared to a national average of $14.97 per one child, $17.12 for two children, and $18.27 for three children.

If you want to pay less for child care, moving to Denver might be in your future, where the least expensive babysitters can be found at an average of $10.84 for one child, per hour.

Check out UrbanSitter’s map below to see how your nearest city clocks in.


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