Texas “Sriracha Delegation” Heads To California In Attempt To Woo Huy Fong Foods

Hey, Irwindale, Calif. So you don’t want that pesky sriracha factory stinking up your air and stinging your eyes anymore? You might be in luck — there’s a delegation of Texans in your town right now with the express purpose of convincing Huy Fong Foods to uproot its sriracha operation and move to The Lone Star State.

Huy Fong’s owner David Tran has reportedly been mulling over the idea of moving, and as such, has invited a few potential suitors to his factory to check things out. On such group is a bipartisan group of Texas lawmakers calling themselves the “sriracha delagation,” reports the Texas Tribune.

That gang arrived in Irwindale today and includes the state rep leading the charge, Rep. Jason Villalba, and a state Sen. Carlos Uresti of San Antonio, who represents the area where most of the chili peppers for the sauce will be grown.

While Tran hasn’t said he’s for sure going to move his company, which has been based in California since its creation in 1980, if the brouhaha over the factory doesn’t simmer down for good, it just might happen. And if it does, Texas wants in.

“It’s obviously early and preliminary to suggest that they’re going to take that next step, but at least they’re open to considering it,” Villalba said. “This is a serious endeavor.”

On the list of activities for the sriracha delegation: A tour of the factory today, followed by a closed-door meeting with Huy Fong’s top dogs. No word on whether there will be a pepper-eating contest but one would think it’d be necessary. You know, to see if they can handle the heat or if Texans should stay out of the sriracha kitchen.

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