Netflix Adds $1 To Monthly Streaming Subscription Price For New Members Only



The bad news: If you’re thinking of subscribing to Netflix’s streaming program, you’ll be paying $1 more than those customers already signed up. But the good news for Netflix veterans? Existing subscribers won’t see a price hike for two years, the company says.

It’s the first time Netflix has raised prices in three years, but we’ve had some time to get used to the idea since the company announced it last month. Wait, did they do that on purpose to lull us into a sense of “Well, it’s inevitable, might as well get used to it?” Probably.

According to CNNMoney, Netflix sent an email to subscribers today with the news that only new members will pay $8.99, while those already on the rolls can stay at the $7.99 rate.

The price hike is “in order to continue adding more movies and TV shows,” so maybe Kevin Spacey added a new rider to his contract that he requires like, a special expensive mirror to practice smirking in or something. Oh, you crazy, Spacey!

Netflix: New members will pay $1 more

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