Amazon Expands Sunday Delivery To 15 Cities Because We’re All Very Impatient

When ordering products online there’s a strong desire to have said merchandise delivered to your door immediately. But sometimes weekends – especially Sundays – get in the way. For residents of 17 cities, that will no longer pose a problem now that Amazon is expanding its Sunday deliveries.

The seven-day delivery service, which was already available in New York and Los Angeles, expanded to 15 additional cities earlier this year, CNN reports.

Officials with Amazon say Sunday delivery will come with the same shipping costs as other days of the week. The most common products shipped for Sunday delivery have been newborn clothes, baby books and toys.

“Sunday delivery is clearly crossing errands off the weekend to-do list,” Mike Roth, Amazon’s vice president of North America operations, tells CNN.

Cities added to the delivery list are Austin, Houston, College Station, Dallas, San Antonio and Waco in Texas, Cincinnati and Columbus in Ohio, New Orleans and Shreveport in Louisiana, Lexington and Louisville in Kentucky, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia.

As was the case in New York and Los Angeles, Amazon entered into a contract with the United States Postal Service for the expanded delivery service. The company plans to add more cities to its growing list later this year.

In recent weeks Amazon has unveiled several new products and services. Prime members can now shop a limited number of groceries with the Prime Pantry service. And consumers don’t even have to access the online retailer’s website now that company allows you to use hashtags to shop via Twitter.

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