This Is A Paper Towel Holder USB Hub



Have you ever looked at your paper towel holder and thought to yourself, “Wow, I really wish I could plug my smartphone into that”? No, neither have most other people, but the TowlHub still exists.

We learned about this new and exciting product from The Worst Things For Sale, which questioned the wisdom of placing lots of small, pricey electronics near your kitchen sink. That’s one problem with this product. The other is that you still need the cords for each individual phone, tablet, or other device that you want to charge while you…cook? Where do the cords go? Do they just sit out on the counter, or do you wind them around the paper towels?

The name, by the way, isn’t just a cool Flickr-like affectation of dropping a vowel to make a distinctive name. That little thing on top is a wine stopper shaped like an owl.

All this can be yours for only $50.

TowlHub (USB paper towel holder with interchangeable topper) [Amazon]

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  1. KJaxx says:

    A paper towel stand such as this usually stands on a counter that sees its share of wetness. And while the base of this unneeded device is “water resistant”, it is not “waterproof”. More importantly, you tablet or phone is probably neither water resistant nor waterproof.

    This is a terrible idea, but hey, you get an owl-shaped wine stopper, too.

  2. BikerGeek79 says:

    It’s definitely a niche product. However I’ve been in larger homes, where they have kitchen islands or breakfast bars, and there’s a paper towel rod there. It would be neat to have a charging station nearby so that you can read your e-paper while you eat your english muffin.