Target Is Refrigerating Their Doritos For Some Reason

Target-doritosSteve was shopping at Target when he noticed something that stopped him cold. The Doritos were refrigerated, in a case alongside cheese and fresh ground meat.
Is this yet another strange new variety of Doritos, or a strange new habit of Target’s?

“I even tweeted the picture to Target, who almost immediately replied wanting to know what store this was at,” Steve wrote to Consumerist when he sent us his picture. Did Target respond once they got that information? Nope. “Once I gave them the store information they didn’t get back to me,” he told us.

Steve’s picture is above, but he’s not the only one who noticed refrigerated Doritos at Target in the last week or so. One shopper even made a Vine video to share her astonishment:

Another shared her photo on Twitter:

A fourth shopper shared their find on Imgur.


We have found whispers that refrigerated Doritos have a special crunch, and maybe we’ll test this theory in the future. With the cheese and ground meat, this could be a display encouraging shoppers to make nachos, but who makes nachos with flavored Doritos? Why would you refrigerate them before shoppers take them home, let them warm up to room temperature, and then bake them into nachos?

Update: on the tenth viewing of the Vine posted here, we noticed a sign that says “Make a walking taco.” Turns out that Target has assembled the ingredients to make just that: taco ingredients assembled in a Dorito bag.

Of course, none of this explains why the Doritos are being refrigerated.

Update to the update: Buzzfeed heard back from Target: they confirmed that the Doritos are in the fridge for a walking taco promotion. Internet, this still does not explain why they’re being refrigerated.

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