No One Can Explain This Sandwich With A Burst Of PBR In A Way That Will Make It Okay

There she blows. (PYT)

There she blows. (PYT)

I’m not sure which is existentially worse: A novelty menu item with added, inedible expensive ingredients or a novelty menu item that douses itself in liquid. Because then it’s a choice between eating a piece of expensive jewelry, or eating soggy fried chicken.

According to, at a restaurant called PYT in Philadelphia the chefs are serving up The Fried Chicken & Beer Burger, which is actually a sandwich and kind of sounds delicious just based on the ingredients.

But it’s the way in which these sandwich ingredients operate that makes the whole thing inexplicable and forever a mystery to me: There’s the Southern-fried chicken patty topped with pimento cheese, the usual greens and vegetables like pickled green tomatoes, which all sound delightful.

Then, however, comes the portable dunk tank — a crunchy fried wonton that is somehow filled with PBR. Yes, liquid that is designed to escape its fried shackles and come cascading down all over your food, soaking it in beer. Okay, it might be more like a trickle, but the mind is a powerful thing.

“The beer kind of explodes out in the best way,” says PYT.

This concoction is only available for a limited time, probably because once you’ve had an exploding PBR dumpling soak your meal, you’ll probably never need to try it again just to see what happens.

Behold The Fried Chicken & Beer Burger at Philly’s PYT []

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