All Squash Weighs Four Ounces At Stop & Shop, Regardless Of Size

We all learned in elementary school that an object’s mass and its size are different things. A pound of cotton candy is much larger than a pound of, say, raisins, because raisins are so much denser. Yet this package of squash that reader Adam spotted at Stop & Shop would have us believe that some of the same vegetable are twice as dense as others.



Maybe that’s possible with some veggies, but not these squash. The only difference, as far as we can tell, is that the smaller-looking squashes have been on the shelf longer, and were grown in Mexico instead of the United States. They have some fertile soil in Mexico, but not so fertile to produce super-nutritious dense squashes. Right?

We contacted Stop & Shop about this discrepancy, and sent along the photo, but they didn’t respond to us. Adam didn’t get a chance to weigh the squashes himself, which would have been interesting.

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