A Restaurant Photo Booth Station Takes Food Oversharing To A Whole New, Scary Level

Currently in my phone I have at least six photos of meals I’ve prepared and/or consumed. And yes, three of those have been posted to social media because I, like many other humans who eat food, sometimes find myself so full of admiration for the stuff, I feel the need to share it. But the idea of a veritable photo booth at a restaurant existing solely for food photos (phodos? phoodos?), well, that’s a bit intense.

It’s called #Dinnercam — because everything needs a hashtag whether you want it to have one or not, as without it, the task of navigating our new social reality is rendered impossible — and is the brainchild of a South Africa Internet provider called MWEB, reports Reviewed.com.

The thing itself is about the size of a microwave and is billed as “the world’s first portable photo studio for restaurant meals.” And one can’t help but consider that the “world’s first” might be one too many.

It looks like a mini photo studio, or a tanning bed that doesn’t close. I don’t know about you, but having to cart my food off to another location for a photo shoot seems like a bit too much work. Melted cheese cools fast, y’all.

Oh and of course it’s better than using your phone, which doesn’t involve carrying your meal anywhere, because it optimizes light conditions and better positions your food for maximum droolworthiness or something.

The #dinnercam is only available at one Mexican Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa so far, and for that I think we can all be a little relieved. For now.

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