Stories You Might Have Missed Because You Were Too Busy Being Awesome

weekinreview5We post a lot of stories during the week, and we know that most of you have jobs, families, lives, hobbies, nagging itches and other more important things to do than read every single thing we write. So for those who might be playing catch-up on the weekend, here are some of the things you might have missed…

Your College Education Might Be A Better Investment For Goldman Sachs Than It Is For You

FCC Makes Mockery Of Net Neutrality With Proposal To Allow Internet “Fast Lanes”
FCC Chairman Insults Consumers’ Intelligence With Attempt To Defend Flimsy Net Neutrality
You Know Who Made A Great Case Against Internet Fast Lanes? The FCC
Don’t Believe Comcast… Mobile Broadband Is Not Competition For Cable Internet
New Jersey Thinks 4G And Wired Broadband Are The Same, Lets Verizon Off The Hook
Highlights From Supreme Court Hearing On Aereo

I Still Don’t Have My Gree Dehumidifier Recall Refund. What Should I Do?
Fitbit Sends Out Recall Notification That Resembles A Phishing Notice
There’s A Potentially Itchy Black Market For The Recalled Fitbit Force
GM Asks Bankruptcy Court To Block Ignition-Related Lawsuits
Why Every Driver Should Care About The GM Ignition Recall

General Mills Thinks You’re Stupid, But Decides To Not Take Customers’ Legal Rights Away After All
Restaurant Allows Customer To Bring In Big Gulp, Then Shames Her About It Online
Palcohol, We Hardly Knew Ye: Feds Quickly Reverse Approval Of Powdered Alcohol
Taco Bell To Break From Its Authentic Mexican Roots With New American-Inspired Taco Joint
Who Will And Won’t Be Interested In Amazon Prime Pantry
Vermont Becomes First State To Pass A Bill Requiring GMO Food Labels

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