Group Of Alleged Dine-And-Dashers Use Police Officer’s Car As Getaway Vehicle

Dining and dashing is never a good idea. It’s an even worse idea when you’ve borrowed your relative’s car, and that relative happens to be a police officer.

Someone’s likely in hot water after a foursome allegedly paid for their meal at a Philadelphia diner with a phony $50 bill and bolted, the Philadelphia Daily News reports.

Once the group’s waitress realized the bill was counterfeit she ran after the diners, only to nearly be mowed down by the car. And that’s where things get interesting; the vehicle’s license plate included a Fraternal Order of Police tag.

“Another manager took down the license plate and gave it to the police. They checked to see who it belonged to, and it ended up being registered to an officer,” the diner’s manager says.

A police spokesman confirmed to the Daily News that an internal affairs probe was started when investigators learned that a cop’s car was involved in the incident.

However, a spokesperson for the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge in the area says the officer in questions was cleared of any wrongdoing when it was revealed she had lent the car to a relative.

“Everybody was in shock,” the manager says. “I just don’t understand why anyone would do something like this.”

Did relative use cop’s car to skip out on diner bill? []

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