Do Not Punch Children And Trash The Store When You Can’t Cash In Your Change Jar

sparechangeWe’ve all been there: you’re out of cash for some reason, and have to raid your change jar for spending money. While it can be difficult to find a place to trade that money in fee-free, we do not recommend the method that a woman in Florida used.

She tried to get a convenience store clerk to trade her coin jar for cash. Well, it doesn’t hurt to ask, does it? Her request wasn’t all that reasonable, and neither was her next move, knocking items over inside the store. As her brawl with the store owner moved outside, the owner claims that the woman spewed ethnic slurs and death threats at him.

Then she threw a punch. Instead of hitting the store owner, the punch handed on a seven-year-old girl who was sitting outside at a picnic table. She has a bruise on her face, and is also experiencing nightmares.

This whole mess could have been avoided if she were willing to use a Coinstar machine and get a fee-free Amazon gift certificate or something. Maybe that could be a new advertising slogan. “Coinstar: preventing children from getting punched in the face by people in a coin-induced rage.” Not very catchy.

Angry customer trashes store, throws punch [News 13]

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