New Apple Patent Seeks To Prevent Drivers From Texting While Behind The Wheel

Eyes on the road while you're in the hot seat.

Eyes on the road while you’re in the hot seat.

Apple’s already got a patent in the works for technology to keep distracted pedestrians from hurting themselves while texting and walking, and now the company’s got its eyes on the road. Because you should too, instead of texting and driving.

Apple’s CarPlay technology already allows iPhone users to make phone calls, navigate, listen to music and whatnot with just a tap or voice command, but drivers might still be tempted to text while driving.

To nip that practice in the bud, Apple’s new patent for a lock-out mechanism would disable smartphone functions like texting while you’re driving, reports PCMag.

Citing the major issue of texting while driving, the Apple’s patent document says this technology could help push the general public into a safer direction.

“New laws are being written to make texting illegal while driving,” Apple said in the document. “However, law enforcement officials report that their daily ability to catch offenders is limited because the texting device can be used out of sight, thus making texting while driving even more dangerous.”

The patent could do things like disable one or more functions for a certain amount of time, or only allow for the phone to be used when it’s in a “safe” space, otherwise known as, “not in your hands while you’re focusing on the road.”

To determine whether or not the phone is in motion, Apple wants to use GPS data, cellular data, a built-in accelerometer or a light sensor. No word on whether your mother’s voice could be programmed in to yell some sense into your thick noggin, but I’m pretty sure that could be useful.

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