New Powdered Alcohol Is Like Kool-Aid For Adults Looking For A Quick Drink

palcoholKool-Aid might be the drink of choice for children, but a similarly powder base drink could be the next big thing for adults. That’s because it’s alcohol. Yes, you read that right, powdered alcohol.

Joining the ranks of sports drinks, milk and other drinks that have been turned to powder, the new product called Palcohol aims to speed up the cocktail making process, CNN Money reports.

The new powder has even been given the green light by federal regulators. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau recently approved flavors including vodka and rum, as well as cocktails like Cosmopolitans and Lemon Drops. Consumers can add five ounces of liquid to the powder for a standard size cocktail.

While the new product might be perfect for time-strapped adults, critics fear that same convenience will appeal to teens. The concerns were exacerbate when Palcohol manufacturer Lipsmark LLC suggested uses for the product including bringing to college football games.

CNN Money reports the posts on the company’s website have since been taken down. Officials with the company say the marketing attempts were not meant to go public.

“As Palcohol is a new product, we have yet to understand its potential of being added to food,” a Lipsmark tells CNN Money.

The product still faces regulations on the state level and retailers and wholesalers need to agree to sell it. However, Lipsmark official say they don’t foresee any problems and plan to have the product on the shelves by this fall.

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