Del Taco Accidentally Charges Customers Thousands For Tacos, Causes Financial Chaos

When something goes wrong with a fast food joint’s point of sale system and they charge you thousands of dollars for a few tacos, you can laugh about the situation days or weeks later, after you have your money back. Around 150 customers of one Del Taco restaurant were vastly overcharged for their drinks and tacos, and now must deal with bouncing checks and frozen accounts.

One customer reports that his mortgage payment this month didn’t go through because of the $10,220 charge on his debit card for a few tacos.

That’s the problem with using debit cards for everyday transactions: they’re convenient and usually nothing goes wrong, but when one taco purchase goes awry by a few digits, all of your money is tied up in the taco transaction. While credit cards aren’t an option for everyone, at least a massive credit card overcharge doesn’t tie up the cash in your bank accounts.

Santa Paula Del Taco Accidentally Charges Customers Thousands For A Taco [KCAL] (Thanks, Gordon!)

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