It’s Florida Customers’ Turn To Pay Sales Tax On Amazon Purchases

There’s good news and bad news for Florida: yes, there is an Amazon distribution warehouse in their fine state now, which means faster delivery of the stuff they impulsively ordered at 3 A.M., and also gives some people jobs. The downside to this sprawling city of stuff is that it means Amazon now has a physical location in their state, and they’ll have to pay sales tax on their purchases.

About 190 million Americans now have to pay sales tax on their Amazon purchases because the mega-retailer has some kind of operation in their state. That’s 21 states, soon to be 22 later this year when another Amazon warehouse opens in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives killed off the Marketplace Fairness Act, a bill that passed the Senate last year and would have let states decide whether to impose sales tax on any online merchants, even those in other states with no outposts inside state borders at all. Amazon has seemingly given up on its War on Sales Tax, lobbying federal lawmakers on behalf of the bill.

Florida Residents Will Soon Pay Sales Tax on Amazon Goods [Wall Street Journal]

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