Victoria’s Secret Worker Accused Of Stealing, Selling Customers’ Credit Card Information

While you might be on the lookout for credit card skimmers installed at the ATM, a gas station pump or even a public transit kiosk, you likely wouldn’t expect a retail associate to wield such a weapon against customers. But police say one Victoria’s Secret store clerk did just that, skimming information from unsuspecting patrons and selling it to an alleged cohort.

Federal prosecutors are on the case down in Orlando, where authorities say a clerk would hide a credit card skimmer underneath her clothing and swipe customers’ cards on that device before she ran them through for the actual purchase, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Officials say the worker was paid $500 whenever another man, a felon, would allegedly pick up the skimmer once a week for several months and download the card numbers from it.

He allegedly wanted his accused accomplice to focus on a certain type of customer, likely to avoid detection.

“I forgot to tell u i really only want foreigners and tourists,” he texted the woman, according to court documents.

Yet another reason the point-of-sale systems that don’t require you to hand over your card and instead allow customers to do their own swiping are so handy.

Victoria’s Secret clerk stole tourists’ credit-card information, cops say [Orlando Sentinel]

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