Report: There’s Something About The Waffle Taco — Taco Bell Breakfast Beats Out McDonald’s

waffle tacoAll those Ronald McDonald’s must know what they’re talking about when it comes to the new Taco Bell breakfast menu. According to a new report, consumers have latched on to the concept of the Waffle Taco and catapulted Taco Bell to the top of the so-called breakfast wars.

The Waffle Taco, A.M. Crunchwrap and other breakfast fare at Taco Bell have added significant sales and traffic to the fast-food chain and consumers seem to like what they’re feasting on, Business Insider reports.

According to a recent Citi Research survey, 33% of consumers prefer Taco Bell’s new morning offerings over McDonald’s traditional breakfast. Free coffee didn’t seem to help the golden arches, which was only preferred by 24% of consumers. However, nearly 43% of consumers said they would eat their first meal at either fast food joint.

So what’s the favorite breakfast item at Taco Bell? Survey says: the Breakfast Burrito, of course. The burrito was preferred by 36% of consumers, while the Waffle Taco was a close second with 31% of consumers saying it was their favorite.


“The initial indications are positive for Taco Bell,” Citi Research analysts wrote. “While this development is clearly not a positive for McDonald’s, it is still early and it may be possible for both McDonald’s and Taco Bell to continue to grow at breakfast at the expense of other competitors.”

And that could be just the case. The survey found that the newfound love of breakfast won’t slowing down, as 61% of consumers who preferred Taco Bell say they plan visit the restaurant once a week for their breakfast fix.

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