Man Named God Suing Equifax For Refusing To Believe He (And His Financial History) Exists

As if it’s not hard enough to go through life explaining why you share a name with a divine entity, a man called God is now suing credit-reporting agency Equifax claiming it refused to accept his name as a legitimate moniker. Basically, he’s trying to prove he exists. And along with that, of course, his credit history is also a real thing.

Named after his grandfather, the Russian native is a businessman living in Brooklyn and claims Equifax won’t correct a glitch in the system after two years of dealing with the issue, reports the New York Post.

He’s suing the company in federal court claiming that the snag in his Equifax report that rejects his first name has kept him from buying a car last year, despite his credit scores of more than 720 at other agencies.

“It’s extremely frustrating,” he told the NYP. “I worked hard to get good credit to look good to lenders and this happens.”

The 26-year-old jewelry store owner said a customer service representative even suggested he change his name in order to make everything easier. That person’s name was likely Beelzebub or Lucifer.

In any case, you’re not alone, God. Bill Murray is with you.

Man with first name ‘God’ runs into credit-rating issues [New York Post]
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