Netflix’s New 4K Streaming: Watch Kevin Spacey Or Big Cats Chasing Down Prey

Remember CES?

Remember CES?

While me, you and most likely everyone you know probably doesn’t own an Ultra HD 4K TV, for those that do own the newer, 2014 models, Netflix says it’s just started streaming 4K content, as expected. Which means yes, you can get up close and personal with Kevin Spacey’s face(y), if that’s your thing. No judgment.

It’s the first major non-proprietary 4K content to become available, notes CNET, and because it’s Netflix, that includes its original series House of Cards along with “some nature documentaries.” So that’s why I’m going to guess — there’s no guarantee and that headline is mostly for fun — that there will be big cats and animals running away, because that’s what I think of when I think of nature documentaries.

Anyway the 4K streams are only viewable on 4K TVs from this year, which is most of the sets announced at CES earlier this year.

Before this new spate of Netflix material, anyone with a 4K TV looking for 4K content were kind of out of luck, besides those using Sony’s video players on Sony 4K TVs, or a small smattering of YouTube clips.

And if you do own a 2013 4K TV, you won’t be able to watch the streams coming from Amazon, Comcast, Fox and others later this year, unless the set can be upgraded to handle HEVC (high efficiency video coding). No Spacey facey for you otherwise, at least not in ultra HD.

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