Beware: Your Crush Probably Doesn’t Love You If He’s Asking For $86,000

You might not be able to mend a broken heart or get back any money you sent to the object of your affection under the mistaken illusion that he/she loved you, but that’s why we’re here, to learn from the unfortunate lessons served on others before you’re tempted to say, wire someone you met on a dating site $86,000.

Today’s tale of warning comes from the story of a New Jersey woman who cashed out her entire life savings on a fellow she met on, reports CBS New York.

Over the course of her six-month relationship with the man, who the victim said claimed to be 60 but used a fake picture and dating profile, the woman says she was scammed out of $86,000. He wove elaborate tales of financial problems to convince her he needed the money, she says.

“I cashed money out of an IRA; out of, you know, retirement money,” the woman said. “I’ve always been a very rational person, and everything told me: ‘No, you have to question this. It doesn’t sound right.’”

But although she never met her man, who claimed to be from New York but living in Malaysia, she trusted him enough to send the dough despite her misgivings.

“You want to believe, because you think you’re developing a relationship,” the woman said.

She likely won’t be able to get her money back, though the FBI is now investigating the case along with the local police. Instead, she just wants other lovelorn romantics to beware. And we do too — love might mean never having to say you’re sorry but you’ll be sorry when your bank account is drained and you’re still alone. Don’t send anyone money if you’ve never met, no matter how much love you think you feel.

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