T-Mobile Takes Employee Discounts Away, Gives Them Back After Outcry

Employee and college student discounts are a useful mobile phone deal if you’re eligible for one: they can add up to a substantial discount on your personal phone plan. They’re also a traditional part of the standard carrier pricing ecosystem. As part of its continuing efforts to become an “uncarrier,” T-Mobile decided to end these discounts. They didn’t expect the customer outcry that followed.

Okay, the number of people only a modest 300 or so people signed the online petition, but customers made their opinion known elsewhere. The backlash was strong enough that T-Mobile reversed the decision. Partially.

New customers won’t be eligible for employer or college-based discounts, but existing customers who receive them will get to keep them.

(Update: John Legere blog post) T-Mobile Corporate Discount changes: Current customers will be grandfathered in [Tmonews]

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