This Is What It Looks Like When A Car Drives Through The Door Of A CVS

Turns out those automatic doors stores have can be counted on to let anyone in — even if it’s a car driving up to the store instead of person. Shoppers at a CVS in Tampa had a close call with a wayward vehicle after the driver lost control and crashed through the front doors and into the store.

The 84-year-old woman had apparently been waiting for her husband, who was in the CVS, in the parking lot, reports MyFox Tampa Bay. She somehow backed into another car in the lot, and police say while her husband was checking out the damage, she accidentally put the car into drive and accelerated.

The car comes crashing into the store a fair distance, grazing a woman standing inside at the checkout before smashing into displays full of items. The woman suffered minor injuries and is probably terrified, as I can only imagine she would be after seeing the footage.

It could’ve been worse, as one employee said the engine was still revving at a high RPM with the wheels spinning even after the car had come to a stop, due to the snack aisle stuck on the front.

Watch: Woman crashes car into CVS store [MyFox Tampa Bay]

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