If You Get Caught Joining Mile-High Club, Don’t Kick The Officer Who Arrests You

We’ve never really considered a crowded plane to be the most conducive setting for amorous adventures, but maybe we’re just being square. We also use the term square, so that might be your answer right there. Regardless, we’re not the ones facing criminal charges after allegedly engaging in a public sex act then assaulting the officer who arrested us.

No, those charges belong to a Canadian man and woman, who were detained at a Halifax, Nova Scotia, airport back in January after allegedly doing something of an explicit and intimate nature on their Air Canada flight from Toronto.

Making matters worse for the twosome, the woman is accused of kicking and verbally abusing a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer at the airport.

Lawyers for the two entered not guilty pleas in court yesterday, and an actual trial won’t take place until next January. But until then, we have this interesting tidbit of info from the Herald:

RCMP won’t reveal the exact nature of the alleged sex act but have said it wasn’t intercourse. Nor will they confirm whether [the defendants] were in a relationship or had just met.

Sources say [the man]’s spouse was waiting for him at the airport.


[via AJC.com]

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