Couple Wins The Lottery Three Time In A Month, Must Be Time Travelers

Have you ever won the lottery multiplee times in one month? I haven’t either, not even once, which means that the couple who scored on three lucky lottery wins in one month must have figured out time travel, gone to the future to pick the right tickets, then come back to this time to collect. That is the only logical explanation.

Unless the news is punking everyone on this fine April Fool’s Day, it seems this Virginia couple is just better than the general population when it comes to winning random games of chance: The twosome first brought home $1 million on March 12 in the Powerball drawing, reports USA Today.

Then a few weeks later, the husband raked in $50,000 with a total of 10 winning tickets in the Virginia Lottery’s Pick 4 game. Sounds nice, time to ret– oh yeah, there’s more to be won.

The very next day, the man dropped his wife off and then stopped to buy a Virginia Lottery Scratcher Ticket and whaddya know? He won another cool million.

“Baby, we did it again!” he told her, proudly polishing their gleaming time machine as it sat in its underground bunker and guzzled time-traveling fuel.

Indeed, it appears these brave time hoppers aren’t done yet.

“We’re not finished yet,” the man said as he picked up even more money that neither you nor I won and will probably never see in our lifetimes… unless we build our OWN time machine.

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