CBS Apologizes For “Audio Error” Of A Loud Car Engine Dubbed Over Tesla Footage

A Tesla shouldn't go "vroooom," CBS.

A Tesla shouldn’t go “vroooom,” CBS.

One of the main reasons someone might purchase a Tesla is part of what makes the vehicles what they are — being an electric car means having an engine that’s quieter than the usual grumble and rumble of a traditional car. So anyone watching 60 Minutes this past Sunday might’ve been surprised to hear what seemed like an electric car with a nasty cold.

CBS issued an apology today for footage of Tesla car that had been dubbed over with the sound of a traditional engine, reports the Associated Press. The online video of the segment has since been corrected with the proper audio.

The network said an editor made an “audio error” in dubbing that sound in over the much quieter Tesla car during a segment on company founder Elon Musk. was the first to notice the discrepancy, noting that the sound resembled that of a revving motorcycle, which is even farther off the mark.

Apparently you can’t just close your eyes and hit a button the Fun Board Of Sounds anymore. TV really has changed, y’all.

Here’s the now-corrected footage — notice the pretty darn quiet engine at the 40 second mark:

CBS dubs sound for quiet electric car [Associated Press]

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