You Cannot Grow Bananas In Ohio

Bananas thrive in a subtropical climate: a place where the temperature is warm, the humidity is high, and there’s about twelve hours of sunlight per day. You know, like Ohio.

Like many people, Rob prefers to buy locally-grown produce when possible. “I was very excited to see that my local Wal-mart is now offering Ohio grown bananas,” he wrote to Consumerist. “At least I assume they mean that, given the ‘Ohio’s own’ sign.” Somehow, he thinks that these bananas weren’t grown right down the street.


Isn’t it because Chiquita is based on Cincinnati? Well, no: they took off for the warmer climate of Charlotte, North Carolina a few years ago. Not that you can grow bananas in Charlotte, either.

Update: A reader points out to us that it is possible to grow bananas in a Midwestern climate as long as you do it in a greenhouse. This is true, but probably wouldn’t produce enough bananas to supply Walmart at an acceptable price point.

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