Dunkin’ Donuts Sticks Marshmallow Peeps On Donuts, Calls It Breakfast

PEEPS DonutIf you really need to get moving in the morning, try the new seasonal offering from Dunkin’ Donuts: flower-shaped donuts with a layer of colorful frosting, topped with a marshmallow Peep. You could also call it a sugar-coated pastry with a sugar-encrusted sugar blob on top. “As America’s donut leader, we are always seeking new and innovative donut varieties to help our guests celebrate special moments and occasions,” Dunkin’ Brands Executive Chef Stan Frankenthaler says in a press release, because of course Dunkin’ Donuts has an executive chef.

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    i wonder how many other dunkin employees behave like i used to on the overnight shift. it was my job to decorate the donuts, in central florida. so for the first week of june, widely known locally as unofficial gay days at disney, i made rainbow donuts. during basketball season i would make the orlando magic logo on the eclairs. some nights, when it was slow and my friends stopped by with “refreshments” i made smiley face donuts and legendary pink dots donuts.
    as long as i made the quota of normal varieties, i had usually about 3 dozen to make manager’s specials with. my managers specials always sold out before 8am.
    fun donuts and free food were the only things i liked about that job

  2. SingleMaltGeek says:

    Their St. Patrick’s Day special mint Oreo donut was OK. It was basically a Boston creme with mint sprinkles on the chocolate frosting, which was awesome, and a “cream” filling that was white, but to me tasted more like whipped vanilla cake icing than Oreo filling. The chocolate mint made up for the slightly disappointing filling, though.