Dallas Cowboys Offer Up AT&T Stadium To High School After It Loses Prom Venue

Let’s all remove our cynical glasses and view what might be a PR stunt with clear eyes, because heck, while we might not all love the Dallas Cowboys or the name on its stadium, AT&T, doing nice things for people should always be rewarded. Behold, the suddenly bereft students of a Texas high school, in search of a new prom venue after theirs was taken from them.

And now they get to have their prom in a stadium, because that’s something that happens every day to the normal high school student. Oh wait, it doesn’t.

Here’s how it went down: prom was in danger of getting canceled after the event center where it was planned to take place shut down unexpectedly recently. The school only found out last week, disappointing seniors who have been raising money for the big night for years. Many students come from families without a lot of disposable income, so they’ve been on a payment plan just to buy prom tickets.

Organizers took to the news for help finding a last-minute location for the April 26 event and ended up hooking a pretty big fish, MyFox DFW reports — the Dallas Cowboys have offered up AT&T Stadium to the students.

AT&T Stadium’s special events coordinator contacted the school and agreed to cover the difference between what the students had raised and the cost to rent out the Cowboys home field for the night.

“When you work hard and you do things right and you stay positive and you stay focused, you’ll find out in life things usually work out better than you would expect,” the school’s principal said in unveiling the location, which probably sounded to the kids like it was going to end with, “We’re going to have it in the school lobby!”

Understandably, the kids are psyched to hear otherwise, providing yet another reason why publicity stunts that are for a good cause are A-OK in my book:

AT&T Stadium to host South Garland prom [MyFoxDFW]

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